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Meet our Newest Program- Racing the Sun


After eight years of incubating Racing the Sun, Tech Parks Arizona is transitioning the program to ensure a greater impact

Tech Parks Arizona developed Racing the Sun, a hands-on STEM program for high school students, eight years ago to promote workforce development. After incubating the program and establishing good momentum, Racing the Sun is transitioning over to SARSEF-Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation in order to grow the program and best serve the region. Racing the Sun is a solar go-kart competition that challenges high school students to design, build, test, and ultimately race their solar-powered go-karts. The students are given opportunities to use engineering and science concepts to develop their karts throughout the course of the school year for nine solid months.

“Racing the Sun is more than just a solar-powered go-kart race. Students are engaged in several facets, not only learning technical concepts by applying knowledge but through building, testing and evaluating their prototype. Equally important, students learn directly from industry and university mentors. This unique connection helps students pioneer a path to several career options. We saw first-hand how engaged students are through the process and jumped at the opportunity to amplify the reach of the program,” stated, Liz Bowman, Deputy Director, SARSEF.

Carol Stewart, Associate Vice President of Tech Parks Arizona, added, “In today’s knowledge-based economy, this type of program is instrumental in preparing students for the workforce. SARSEF is the ideal organization to move Racing the Sun from incubation stage and scaling it up to magnify its ability to build Arizona’s future leaders.” 


To Learn more about Racing the Sun, explore its website here: https://techparks.arizona.edu/solar-zone/racing-sun

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