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The SARSEF Fair 2020 Middle School and High School Awards Ceremony is now available!

The SARSEF Fair 2020 Elementary School Awards Ceremony


Project and Award Pick-Up

We are grateful for your patience and understanding and have decided to mail certificates and checks out to the students’ mailing addresses provided on the registration form. Our goal is to have every check out to students by the end of May.

To ensure the health and safety of the students and our staff, trophies and larger items will be distributed to students through the schools in the fall. If you are planning a move or your child will be changing schools, please let us know.
Please note, if your child wins an award totaling $600 or greater, we will need a completed W-9 form (with the student’s social security number.)
Please DO NOT email the W-9 form back to us. We recommend mailing, but will also hold these checks until we can get back to office hours if you would prefer.
SARSEF DID collect ALL projects that were left at the convention center, and they will be available for pick-up when schools re-open.


Save The Date!

SARSEF Fair 2021: March 3rd – 6th 2021


What Do You Wonder?

A Community of Young Scientists

Virtual lab meetings for What Do You Wonder: A Community of Young Scientists started Monday, March 30! We will have virtual gatherings for students of all ages – PreK through high school. Learn more at https://sarsef.org/programs/whatdoyouwonder/!


Creating Arizona’s Next Generation of Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers through Science and Engineering.


Meet our 2019-2020 Programs

In-school Experiences

SARSEF teaches PreK-12 students the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to make a difference using science and engineering. Through hands-on workshops students are challenged to investigate real-life problems finding solutions that matter.

Out-of-School Experiences

SARSEF removes the classroom walls, engaging students in the broader community. Students will be hosted in our NEW SARSEF Outreach Labs at UofA and see science in action with local industry partners and even a field research site at the American Museum of Natural History location in Portal, AZ! These experiences and more will allow students to explore STEM careers and serve as science ambassadors at Tucson’s favorite community events!

Professional Development for Teachers

Teachers will gain confidence and skills in teaching science and engineering while learning to integrate the new AZ Science Standards into hands-on research projects. Teachers will explore thought-provoking activities, lesson design and resources to make science and engineering experiences accessible to all students.

Roadmap to a Rockin’ Project

Parents and Students work together to identify an issue they care about and are guided in the development of a science or engineering research project. Students leave ready to investigate their topic, with a roadmap for their research journey, a lab notebook and project board.


ACES (Applied Career Exploration in STEM) provides a week of science camp for 50 middle school girls at a critical time in their lives. Students are exposed to STEM careers and experience campus life, exciting them to pursue higher education in STEM.

Racing the Sun

Copyright 2019

Racing the Sun challenges high school teams to design, build, and race solar-powered go-karts. Working alongside mentors, students spend nine months preparing their go-karts, applying physics, engineering and energy. Students are challenged to translate their ideas into a working kart, and gain critical skills for workplace success along the way. Join us on Race Day April 25th, 2020!


Arizona STEM Adventure November 22nd, 2019 – 1,000 4-8th grade students explore the wide world of STEM while their teachers receive two hours of Professional Development. Get involved NOW!

SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair March 11-14, 2020 – This culminating event of all SARSEF programs provides the 95,000 students we impact each year the opportunity to win over $100,000 in scholarships, trips, and prizes to reward them for their high-quality research.

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