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Before April 15th – Arizona Tax Credit Contributions

Help SARSEF prepare our future workforce! A Qualified Charitable Organization Tax Credit is different from and can be IN ADDITION TO the AZ School Tax Credit. Individuals may receive up to $400 and a married couple may receive up to $800 when filing their 2018 tax returns before April 15, 2019.  Donate Today!  SARSEF AZ TAX CREDIT

SARSEF’s Arizona QCO CODE is: 21048

Is Your Child’s School a SARSEF School?

Arizona needs critical thinkers more than ever!

Last year, SARSEF provided FREE in-class instruction in critical thinking and problem-solving using science and engineering to 66,000 K-12 students. More than 1,500 teachers received free, STEM professional development. And over 2,000 parents learned how to support and encourage their children in science. To schedule a free presentation or find out how to get your school involved, contact Director@sarsef.org today!

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STEM Connect brings together leaders in education (PreK-University), business, nonprofit, and government to identify areas of cross-sector collaboration. SARSEF is very proud to be a part of this strategic initiative.

Want to find out more about what it means to think critically? https://sarsef.org/home/critical-thinking-problem-solving/

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