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Published Tuesday March 23, 2021

2021 JSHS Winners

2021 JSHS Winners

1st Place: Ella Wang  

School: BASIS Chandler

Teacher: Joseph Bostaph

Hema-Vision A Computer Vision-Enhanced Mobile Imaging System for Rapid, Inexpensive, and Automated Screening of Hematological Diseases Using Deep Learning


2nd Place: Arun Moorthy

School: BASIS Scottsdale

Teacher: Kay Yoo

Generator: A Novel Way to Create Qudit Quantum Error Correction Codes


3rd Place: Samira Nassi Celaya

School: Tucson High Magnet School

Teacher: Jeremy Jonas

Comparative analysis of transcriptome changes in Solanum pennellii pistils before and after flowering time


4th Place: Megan Bime

School: Catalina Foothills High School

Teacher: Tiffanie Bialis

Changes in Bile Acid Signaling During Obesity and Prebiotic Treatment


5th Place: Isabel Ross

School: Cienega High School

Teacher: Lisa Baker

Green Infrastructure Impacts on Carbon Cycling: Evaluating Changes in Soil Microbial Composition and Function


Alternate: Michelle Sheikh

School: Arizona College Preparatory: Erie

Teacher: Rebecca Jernigan

A Novel Approach to Healing Burn Wound Infections using Flavonoids: Exploring the Interaction between Flavonoids and Antibiotics


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