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Published Tuesday May 21, 2024

A Day in the Life of A Public Ally at SARSEF: May Edition

By Katerina Guerrero

The sun is staying out longer, and the school year is ending if it hasn’t already. Congratulations to all students on your academic year. You are our future of critical thinkers and problem solvers. It’s time to spend time with family, friends, and even take time for yourself to be ready for the next school year. This was always my favorite time of the year because not only did I get a break from my busy schedules but my mom, who is a teacher, got time off from her busy schedule.

These past two months at SARSEF have been packed with busy days but amazing events that I just can’t stop thinking about. I attended my first SARSEF Fair. The whole week leading up to the big day was amazing. Watching mentors and judges talk to students about their wonderful projects, I couldn’t stop smiling in the office that week working with the team and sharing laughs as we got ready for award ceremonies. These students were so excited to share their work and were excited to share what they found out from their projects.

The big day for the SARSEF Fair at Reid Park was a day of students, teachers, mentors, and families coming together as a community to support these amazing student scientists. I got to walk around and take pictures of the beautiful energy in the park. Seeing the kids get on stage, giving a big smile to their families as they received their award for the work, they had done made it a day I will never forget, and how could I? It was filled with science and celebration.

Not only did we have our SARSEF Fair, but we also had our Racing the Sun Test and Race Days. Teams from different schools watched as their solar-powered go-karts went on the track and cheered on their driver. It was students supporting students, working together on final touches. Teachers and mentors being these students’ cheerleaders and supporters on the track.

With being a Public Ally, I not only got to be a part of the amazing events with SARSEF but got to work with the Tucson Public Ally group to create the first and hopefully first of many, Armory Artisan Market. On May 11th the team and I worked so hard to have a great turnout of vendors, food vendors, entertainment, and people. Creating a space for the community to come together was our goal and we accomplished it.

Now it’s time for summer. Like I said, it’s my favorite time of the year. In past summers, I had the chance to work with students and this summer I get to do the same. I know I am not the only one excited, because the SARSEF office is excited about SARSEF Summer STEM Camp. Getting to work with students this summer as they explore, wonder, and grow will be a great adventure! Who is excited for SARSEF STEM Summer Camp? I am! Registration is still open until May 1: Camps take place throughout Tucson and are on a pay-what-you-can model.