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Our Staff

Julie Euber, MA

CEO About Email

Amber Folkman

Manager of School Relationships and Impact About Email

Anissa Alvarado

Programs Manager About Email

Cindy Bujanda

Manager of High School Programs About Email

Dani Wright

Director of Events and Volunteers About Email

Isaiah Aguirre

Student Associate About

Jeremiah Smith, MPA

Grant Writer About Email

Kate Fitzpatrick

Corporate & Community Engagement Manager About Email

Nick Balderston

Digital Service Designer About Email

Rose Prendergast

Racing the Sun Specialist About Email

Our Board

Emily Halvorson-Otts

Board Chair, SARSEF; Dean of Sciences, Pima Community College SARSEF is creative, engaging, and passionate. About

Betsy Bolding

Immediate Past Chair, SARSEF SARSEF is exciting and all about discovery. About

Casey Carrillo

Secretary, SARSEF; Assistant Director, University of Arizona Center for Innovation SARSEF is innovative. About

Christopher Schuck

Senior Epitaxial Engineer, Leonardo Electronics US Inc. SARSEF is inspiring and empowering Arizona’s future scientists and engineers. About

Dana Gunn

Operations Manager, Marcus Engineering LLC SARSEF is innovating and building a brighter tomorrow. About

Daren Layton

Treasurer, SARSEF; Attorney, Waterfall, Economidis, et al. SARSEF is engaging, inspiring and committed. About

Eric Pickney

Chair, Governance Committee, SARSEF; Sr. Director of Enterprise Risk Management / Information Security Officer, Sonora Quest Laboratories SARSEF is our future. About

Jeremiah Pate

Founder and CEO of Lunasonde, Inc. SARSEF is a window to the future. About

Nadira Mitchell

Undergraduate, University of Arizona SARSEF is awesome and important. About

Roberta Lopez-Suter

Chair, External Affairs Committee, SARSEF; Director, Marketing & Communications, Trico Electric Cooperative SARSEF is life-changing. About