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Emily Halvorson-Otts

Board Chair, SARSEF

Dean of Sciences, Pima Community College

Emily Halvorson-Otts is passionate about science education.  As Dean of Sciences at Pima Community College (PCC), she has a vision of creating innovative and inclusive classrooms, so that every student feels welcome, and dare she say, actually enjoys STEM!

Emily has served as Dean since PCC was reorganized in 2016.  In this role, she oversees all science and engineering courses, the associated faculty, and lab staff at all five of the Pima campuses.  

In August 2022, Emily will have worked at Pima for 20 years. She began teaching as part-time faculty at Desert Vista Campus and then transitioned into lab specialist as one of the founding members of the Northwest Campus. In 2005, Emily began teaching Chemistry full-time at Northwest and during that time, she has held various leadership roles.  Emily received the Southern Arizona American Chemical Society College Educator of the Year award in 2015.

As chemistry faculty, Emily participated in SARSEF’s AZ STEM Adventure making silly putty with the students. As Dean, Emily has continued to support the AZ STEM Adventure, including serving as an emcee for the virtual STEM Adventures under COVID.

Emily has been on the SARSEF board since May 2020 and is honored to serve a non-profit whose mission aligns were her vision for science education. 

Emily Halvorson-Otts is pursuing a Doctorate in Community College Leadership at Ferris State University.  She holds a Master of Arts in Chemistry and a Master of Arts in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Arizona.