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Brooke Meyer, MEd

Chief Program Officer

Brooke is the Chief Program Officer for SARSEF. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary and bilingual education and master’s degree in special education at the University of Arizona. As a public school teacher and school leader, Brooke trained teachers in effective instructional strategies for students, developed curriculum, and specialized in choice-theory psychology for students, teachers and families. 

Following 30 years in Title 1 schools, Brooke retired to join SARSEF. During this time Brooke also volunteered with Child Protective Services and served on the board of an equine-therapy program for students and veterans in Sierra Vista, AZ. Brooke was an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University for 10 years, instructing in the bachelor’s program for elementary education and the master’s degree program for special education. Over the past 10 years, she has been instrumental in developing SARSEF’s educational outreach program. In her current role at SARSEF, Brooke directs and coordinates the pre-kindergarten through high school educational outreach programs for students, teachers and parents. Her work has impacted over 66,000 students, many of them from rural and economically disadvantaged settings. She also directs Racing the Sun, a solar-powered go-kart racing program.