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Nick Balderston

Digital Service Designer

Nick studied the intersection of technology and art at the University of Colorado Boulder where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music Composition, a Minor in Digital Media, and a Certificate of Music Technology.

Throughout his years in college, he taught lessons in guitar, voice, piano, and electronic musical instrument design.

With an affinity for education, a technology-centric skillset, and a desire to make a broad impact, he developed a mission to design digital tools and resources for students and educators.

To advance his skillset, he completed an immersive graduate program (also at CU Boulder) where he earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Design with a primary focus in User Experience Design and a secondary focus in Critical Making.

Upon finishing school, Nick took on a volunteer project with SARSEF to gain experience. After two years of freelancing with a focus on impact-driven organizations, he joined SARSEF’s team to support a human-centered approach to digital service design.