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Published Wednesday September 19, 2018

Alumni Flashback!

SARSEF sets annual goals. We increase results and impact each year. And while reaching thousands more students across Arizona is essential to our mission, we are prouder still that we reached our less publicized goal: “Change the life of one child.”

The following was recently sent by an alumnus of SARSEF. Compare to a letter he sent when he was in high school…

“Since SARSEF, I attended Stanford University where I initially studied a combination of neuroscience and computer science. This was a result of the influence of the research I did in high school and the project I worked on for SARSEF. I graduated from Stanford in 2017 and got my degree in computer science with a concentration in artificial intelligence. I was accepted into the Master’s program at Stanford in 2016 and am currently working on that degree. However, after graduating with my undergrad I took a year leave of absence to run professionally. I thank SARSEF for this. Now I want to volunteer so I can give back.” Ryan Silva


Here is what he said back in the 2013-14 school year as Senior:

“This year was really the first time I understood the value of independent research and started doing some of my own. I competed at SARSEF in middle school, but that was nothing compared to my senior year project. I can say that SARSEF was one of the best learning experiences I have had. I feel like I matured so much from the constant activities and schedule planning to getting to know other researchers, preparing a presentable speech and acting professional in front of the experts in their field. This really gave me a new understanding of how worldly we need to be when implementing ideas that will change the future, because the US is only a portion of that future.

Looking back on the experience, I cannot believe how much I learned and did. All in all, I feel very grateful for SARSEF and that there is a community in Tucson who supports this great organization”

Ryan Silva