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Published Sunday April 26, 2020

Wonder Program Session One – The Results!

Thank you to all Citizen Scientists who contributed data!

SARSEF created the What Do You Wonder: A Community of Young Scientists virtual program in response to our southern Arizona students’ curiosity about the world around them and current events. Working alongside our young scientists (PreK-12th grade), they created research questions and determined data collection methods to answer their current questions.

Data was collected between April 10th and April 20th, 2020
for each of the research questions below.

Thank you to all of our Citizen Scientists who were a valuable part of the journey
by helping them to collect data.

Check out the results and student presentations of the research below

Wash Stars – PreK- 2nd Grade



How has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your hand washing habits?


Wash Stars Final Report

Tucson Testers PreK-2nd Grade

How has social distancing impacted your activities?


Tucson Testers Final Graphs


“My favorite part was getting to ask people what they did through the day because I wanted to know what other people were doing”
Nate, Age 7


How has social distancing affected our relationships and how we spend our time?





“I loved the questions, it was fun to ask them and answer. This was an awesome experience”
Zeke, Age 9

“The research was fun to look at because we had to figure out why this was there and why that was low and high.” Emmi, Age 10

Timeless Time Checkers 6-8 Grade

How is our perception of time influenced by our daily habits?


Timeless Time Checkers Final Graphs

“I enjoyed getting to collect data and share what I learned with others” – Ethan, Age 11 



“I just loved being part of something, feeling like I was doing something cool and important ot help with all this COVID 19 thing, it made me feel good” Clara, Age 13

The High School Group 9-12 Grade

Sleep Schedules and Our Changing World: An Analysis of Changing Sleep Schedules


High School Group Final Graphs 



Thank you for supporting young scientists!