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SARSEF Fair award winners have been announced!

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We need your help to create Arizona’s future critical thinkers and problem solvers through science and engineering – now more than ever.

Every student we inspire to ask questions about the world around them, every teacher and parent we support, begins with you. When you donate to SARSEF, you make it possible for all Arizona students to have the opportunity to think critically and solve problems using science and engineering.

Your gift can now have a greater impact. The Connie Hillman Family Foundation has committed to granting SARSEF $1 (up to $200,000) for every $2 (up to $400,000) raised through new donors or increased gifts from existing contributors.

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SARSEF is a qualifying charitable organization, meaning the money you might pay in state taxes can be put to work to benefit children in our community! Invest your tax dollars by making a gift to SARSEF of up to $841 if you file jointly or $421 if you file individually, then receive it all back as a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit (or reduce what you owe).

No need to itemize and you can still take advantage of both public and private school tax credits.

SARSEF’s Arizona QCO CODE is: 21048