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Contribute a Sponsored Award

By contributing an award or prize to a student at the SARSEF Regional Science and Engineering Fair, you are inspiring students to pursue career paths in science, technology, engineering, and math fields that matter to you!

You can offer awards as an individual, organization, or both. We call these awards Sponsored Awards.

You can select the awards you want to give to a student – it’s your choice! It can be a cash award, merchandise, trophies, or a scholarship.

You can ask us to choose your winners — or you can do the judging yourself. Many organizations opt to have their own employees judge projects and/or interview students on judging day and make the selection on the organization’s behalf.

Your awards encourage students to become future leaders. Many students see themselves for the first time as scientists and engineers as they receive their awards. They start to believe in themselves when you believe in them!

Sponsored awards judges

If you or your company is awarding a specific prize in the SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair, you have the opportunity to serve as a “sponsored award” judge. You will evaluate projects and then select the project that you wish to award the prize related to your company or organization’s focus.

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Sponsor an award

Award sponsorship for the 2023 SARSEF Fair is open! Let us know the name of your award, the prize(s), what types of projects it goes to, and whether or not you’d like to judge it yourself. Sponsor an Award