Following Rules

following-rulesParents Can Help!

Following rules is an an area where we need the help of parents most often.

Every scientist and engineer must follow certain protocols. We believe in teaching our students to follow the proper protocols and requirements right from the start.

We do not want any child disqualified after all of his or her hard work. Please help us by making sure your child knows the rules and follows them! Please refer to the appropriate grade level student section for specifics.

The rules are very important at all levels — however, they are CRITICAL at the high school level, since we have no flexibility if your student wants to compete without filling out the required forms ahead of time.

Note: We are often told about other projects that may not have followed the rules and were not noticed. Unfortunately, that does sometimes happen despite a school’s attempt, or our best attempt to catch any problems. We encourage parents to teach their children to follow the rules even when it is hard to do so, or may not seem fair.

There is always a payoff (or a consequence) further down the road. Doing the right thing is always best.


For specific information and a list of rules, see links to:

Elementary School Rules Rules

Middle School Rules

High School Rules

Of particular interest will be:

  • Permissions needed BEFORE starting a project
  • Adult supervision required for certain projects
  • Number of students who may work together at any level
  • Competition categories
  • Suggested steps that should be followed (Scientific Method or Engineering Design Process)
  • Size and dimensions permitted for displays (high School projects are allowed to be larger)
  • What should be on a display board, and what may be included with the display board
  • Deadlines for bringing display boards and associated items for setup at the Tucson Convention Center



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