Interviews are required at the high school level, and encouraged at the Middle School Level. Practice with anyone and everyone before the judging day. Have your family and friends ask you questions even if (or especially if) they do not know anything about your project. You should be able to explain it on a variety of levels. Think of every question you don’t want to be asked — and prepare an answer for it anyway.

Practice an “elevator speech.” This is a less-than-60-second explanation of your project — about as long to get from one floor to another in an elevator with a stranger who asks what your project was about.

Dress professionally. Wear business professional clothes for the interview. You will be glad you did. Everyone dresses up as best they can. This is usually a dress shirt at a minimum, often with a tie, a dress, and if possible, a suit. 

Make sure that your school understands that you will be expected to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair if you are one of our top winners at SARSEF. All expenses for you will be paid by us!  However, your school district and school should be aware that they will need to release you and your teacher to attend, should you win.


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