Project Registration

Registering Projects for the SARSEF Regional Fair

Make sure to follow the Important Dates closely to have your top projects selected and registered in time. Depending on your school’s level of engagement, you may need to schedule a School Science Fair to determine which projects should move on to the SARSEF regional fair. (See “Running a School Science Fair” under Ways to Participate.)

If a student is selected for SARSEF, you’ll need to collect this information in order to register and upload their project: Sample Registration for SARSEF 2021. We have also prepared this checklist for High School projects: Checklist for High School Projects

Log in and add projects below! You can manage projects from here or always access them by going to “My Profile” and then clicking on “Project Registration” (under “For Schools”). One registrant should register/upload all projects from a single school.

If you are already registered as a site user, please login to register one or more projects for this year or to check and update projects you have already registered for this year. Otherwise, please register as a new user so you can register a project.
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