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SARSEF Fair award winners have been announced!

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Published Tuesday March 5, 2024

Meet our High School Interview Day Keynote Speakers

This year, SARSEF Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be hosting a college and career fair during high school interview day. There be exhibits from local companies and colleges, networking sessions with peers, and keynote speakers. We are excited to announce the following keynote speakers:

Track A Speakers

William Hendricks, Ph.D.

From his vantage point as a translational cancer scientist, Dr. Will Hendricks has observed the tremendous positive impact of the human cancer precision medicine revolution of the past 20 years. Motivated by his personal experiences with cancer in pets and the distress that comes with having very little information to help guide decisions on how best to help them, Will has been driven to bring precision medicine innovation to veterinary oncology. Dr. Hendricks is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Vidium Animal Health and an Assistant Professor of Integrated Cancer Genomics at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Phoenix, Arizona. He completed doctoral and postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Cellular and Molecular Medicine under the mentorship of leaders who have been shifting human cancer treatment paradigms. In 2013, Dr. Hendricks established a laboratory at TGen focused on canine and human cancer precision medicine. He has worked with a broad collaborative network to perform seminal genome landscaping studies in dog cancers and drive the development of new treatments and diagnostics for dogs with cancer. He founded Vidium Animal Health in 2020 to accelerate the translation of genomic discoveries into the veterinary clinic.

Meagan Bethel

Meagan is a Wildlife Specialist at Sky Island Alliance and manages the wildlife camera data and teaches the public about wildlife and their identification through communications and graphic design. Meagan was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and competed at SARSEF through her school days, which fostered her interest in wildlife conservation. Meagan has volunteered with Sky Island Alliance since 2011 and now works with us as a full-time employee. In 2019, she graduated with a B.S. from the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources with an emphasis on wildlife conservation and management.

Track B Speakers

Jeannette Maré, Ph.D.

Jeannette Maré, PhD, is the Director of the Science of Kindness Community Collective at the University of Arizona. Her path to becoming a community-engaged kindness scholar was a long and winding one. Jeannette’s world changed drastically after the sudden death of her son in 2002. In the incredible grief of losing Ben, learning and sharing about the lifesaving, world-changing power of kindness became her sole focus. With her heart broken open, she founded Ben’s Bells, a nonprofit that inspires and teaches the intentional practice of kindness. Now, as a research professor, Jeannette is working with university faculty, staff, and students, and with community members and organizations, to develop a theoretically based and empirically informed model that will guide a community-wide effort to create a culture of kindness learning and practice.

Dante Lauretta, Ph.D.

Dr. Dante S. Lauretta, a Regents Professor at the University of Arizona, is a pioneering scientist renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to planetary science and astrobiology. Leading the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission, he successfully collected samples from the asteroid Bennu, offering profound insights into solar system formation. Dr. Lauretta’s research spans solar system origins, Earth’s habitability, life’s origins, and the connection between life and consciousness. His commitment to mentoring the next generation of scientists and establishing the Arizona Astrobiology Center reflects his dedication to scientific excellence. As a passionate science communicator, he engages with the public and collaborates globally, working with a diverse group of researchers to tackle science’s biggest questions.