Qualifications and Training


High school judges should be professionals in their fields (at least three to five years experience preferred) and/or be in the process of obtaining or hold advanced (master’s or doctoral) degrees.

Middle school judges should hold a bachelor’s degree, and have some experience in their field, or teach in the selected area.

Elementary school judges must have a high school education, with some experience with the age level selected, and/or interest in the field selected.

For judges who are also teachers: We request that you judge a grade level other than the one you teach.

Choosing a Category

Judges should select up to three categories they feel comfortable and competent to judge at their selected grade level. We will attempt to match you up with one of your top choices. Categories and grade levels are listed in the Sign-up Section.

See Type of Judge section for  a list of choices at all levels, or go to the Sign-up Page and choose the grade levels you prefer to see, with specific choices.

 Training will take place at the start of Judging Day. It will be provided by our chief judge, Liz Baker.

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