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Thank you for deciding to be a judge at the SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair!  We could not hold a fair without you.

Grand Award Judges

Judge for SARSEF and decide who will be the First, Second, and Third Place Winners! 

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To sign up as a Grand Awards Judge, your first step is to either Login or Register as a New User
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If you want to help us select the best projects in a specific category, please sign up to be a “grand award” judge. You will use our criteria to select projects in your favorite grade level (Grades K-12) which is modeled after criteria used at the international science fair.sarsef-judging-march-14-2012-056

Last year we had over 2,000 projects, and we have each project judged by at least three judges. Teams are established to judge by grade and category — so you will never be solely responsible for how a project does. Some categories and grade levels have a large number of entries, so you will be asked to name your first, second and third choice in order to guarantee that we have a fair process for all students.

Sponsored Award Judges

If your company has asked you to select a project that they will be awarding a specific prize to (related to your company or organization’s focus) you are a “sponsored award” judge. After reading the following, please proceed to that section. You will be able to determine winners based on your OWN criteria and needs. And you will be forwarded to the section where you can register the awards and prizes that your organization would like to contribute. Remember, you are also encouraged to serve as a Grand Awards Judge as well whenever possible.  Thank you!

Are you or your organization donating an award?

Would you like to select the award winners yourself?

Please have each person who is interested in judging for YOUR sponsored award contact the person within your group that is registering the awards. All of your judges will be signed up by this one person when they register the awards.

Please Note: You or your organization should enter the prize(s) being donated here:

School Science Fair Judging

If you would like to help at the school level in selecting the projects that will ultimately come to SARSEF, please see our Volunteer Opportunities Sign-up page!  There are many schools in the area that need your help!


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