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Published Wednesday May 26, 2021

Intern Increases Science and Engineering Opportunities for Students with SARSEF through the Paul Lindsey Internship Program

Along with being a student pursuing a Master’s in Education Policy at the University of Arizona, Ricardo Dominguez is a College and Alumni Counselor at San Miguel High School.

May 26, 2021

(Tucson, AZ) Over the past school year, Ricardo Dominguez interned with the local nonprofit SARSEF, giving them the bandwidth to better track school involvement in their programs and assisting with the transition between virtual and in-person events.

Dominguez interned through the University of Arizona College of Education’s Paul Lindsey Internship Program. Lindsey interns are students of education who build leadership and management skills through real-world experiences in their funded work with community outreach programs, museums and a variety of local agencies.

SARSEF creates Arizona’s future critical thinkers and problem solvers through science and engineering, a mission that Dominguez feels a strong connection to.

“As a first-generation college student, my STEM foundation has always given me the confidence to be passionately curious,” Dominguez shared.

Dominguez is a proud graduate of the Sunnyside School District. He attended The University of Arizona directly out of high school and faced the endless challenges of a first-generation college student. Through his struggles, he was lucky enough to have caring educators who gave him the confidence to continue school even though his route was not a straight path. From this experience, he found a love of education and has devoted his career to doing just that – guiding first-generation students through higher education learning.

Currently, Dominguez serves as a College and Alumni Counselor for San Miguel High School. With the intention to make a real difference in Arizona education, he decided to pursue a Master’s in Education Policy at the University of Arizona, and through the College of Education, he was granted a Paul Lindsey Internship Scholarship, connecting him to SARSEF.

“What I love about SARSEF is its mission to nurture curiosity and make science learning fun. Although I was an intern this year, I also considered myself a student in the program, and I benefited greatly from the amazing educators working at SARSEF,” said Dominguez.

During his time with SARSEF, Dominguez analyzed program data, assisted with the Virtual SARSEF Fair, performed safety checks on solar-powered go-karts for Racing the Sun, and interviewed ISEF finalists selected at the SARSEF Fair to highlight their accomplishments.

As the school year wrapped up, Dominguez had the opportunity to reflect on his time as an intern with SARSEF.

“In a year of unknowns, my internship at SARSEF provided much-needed value to my days at home. When I reflect on my SARSEF internship, I know I received more from the program than what is said on paper. SARSEF is proof that educators come in all forms and that a passion for learning is what you need to do anything you want. From the first-year scientist at the Fair to our board members, there’s a clear passion for curiosity. That is what STEM and SARSEF are all about.”

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