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New ways for High School Students to get engaged in research!

Thursday July 30, 2015

As the school year approaches we have exciting new opportunities for your High School students!
1. Classroom Visits: SARSEF will come to your classroom and talk to your students about whatever YOU the teacher think they should hear.  Each presentation will be tailored to the area that your students will benefit from the most.  Sessions could include general topics from Why Enter? and a How-To Overview to specifics such as Generating a Research Question, The Scientific Method, The Engineering Design Process, How to do SRC Paperwork, Preparing for Judging Day, How to Take Research to the Next Level (for the competition-driven students), and any other topic you would find helpful.
2.  Continued Support:  Need help as you go through the process?  Let us come in and help at each step!  We will come as often as you need to help with any area of the research process-  we are here for you!
3.  Virtual Research Club/ Advising:  We have a new resource for your students!  This year Liz will be available twice a month via Google Hangout to host a virtual STEM Club.  Students can drop in at any time to get questions answered, ask advice, or receive guidance while working through their own independent research project.  Beginning August 17th, Liz will be available from 4-6pm on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.   More information to come!
4. Research Clubs at your school: Do you have a group of students (five or more) who would like to participate but do not have a formal class for guidance?  We can host a Research Club at your school, either during lunch or after school a few times a month.  We will help students stay on-track and check in on the status of each step of their project. In a rural area?  We can arrange a virtual meeting time to get together on a regular basis as well!
5.  Coming Soon! Mentoring:  This year we are building an exciting relationship with Community Share to help expand the number of available mentors for your students.  Community Share will be launching this fall, and will be a directory of professionals who are willing to come in to the classroom or work with students directly.  Their launch date is TBA, and we will let you know when it goes live!
Contact Us to arrange one of these opportunities, or go to