SARSEF Programs Teach Critical Thinking

SARSEF offers several programs that enrich our community by creating a future citizenry that can think critically and problem solve – no matter what career path they may choose to follow.

Each program prepares our students for the future. Each impacts a varying range of students and brings a different focus and level of service. Explore them all!


In-School Experiences

Out-of-School Experiences

Teacher Professional Development

Roadmap to a Rockin’ Project

ACES Camp for Girls

Racing the Sun

What Do You Wonder?: A Community of Young Scientists



Arizona STEM Adventure

SARSEF Fair Week

TENWEST Festival


The Results?

Results showed a dramatic increase in the diversity of students who chose to participate in SARSEF.

Over the past three years, there was a 43% INCREASE in female participation! Totals at our Fair now are:


98% stated participating increased their likelihood of choosing a college major and career

For the past four years, the average school Science, Math, and Language Arts scores were higher than the rest of the State.


Every Child. Thinking Critically. Solving Problems.