SARSEF Programs Teach Critical Thinking

SARSEF offers several programs that enrich our community by creating a future citizenry that can think critically and problem solve – no matter what career path they may choose to follow.

Each program prepares our students for the future. Each impacts a varying range of students and brings a different focus and level of service. Explore them all!


Annalisa Minke!

 (photo credit David Minke) 

Annalisa’s amazing Environmental Engineering project is titled “Investigating How Water Vapor Emission Impacts The Temperature Of The Troposphere” 

“This project measures the effect of additional water vapor on temperature throughout a model of the troposphere. The project was done in an attempt to uncover whether or not the water vapor produced by human transportation and industry is effecting global warming along with carbon dioxide. A delta of the data does suggest that water vapor could be a reason we are seeing a gradual change in the earth’s climate. This project is important because it can raise awareness that everything can impact the environment even stuff that is harmless to us like water vapor, and will encourage more experiments into how the high temperature water vapor produced by industry is effecting our climate, weather and atmosphere.”

Racing the Sun


ACES Camp (Applied Careers Exploration Camp)

SARSEF Outreach

High School Mentoring Project

Partnering Program: Brain STEM


Arizona STEM Adventure

SARSEF Fair Week

TENWEST Festival



Every Child. Thinking Critically. Solving Problems.