Teacher Professional Development

📏 Professional Development/Faculty Meeting/Teacher Consultation

Would you like to offer your teachers confidence in teaching standard-based science and engineering processes and  practices? Using phenomena-based learning, SARSEF outreach professionals will guide teachers on how to engage their students in creating quality research projects by identifying meaningful and relevant real-life challenges.  Teachers will explore thought-provoking hands-on activities, lesson design and resources to make science and engineering experiences accessible to all students. SARSEF will design Professional Development to meet your needs.

Professional development covers:

  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills using the scientific and engineering design processes and practices
  • Integrating state standards into hands-on research making completion of a project something that is in your curriculum
  • Managing a research project/classroom`

🍎 Principals/School Leadership

Do you need support developing successful science and engineering programs at your school? We can assist and help you incorporate state standards in innovative (remote or in-person) programs.  SARSEF will meet with your team to answer questions and assist in outlining an action plan based on the needs of your school, students, teachers and parents.

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