What Do We Wonder?: In-School Programming

SARSEF teaches PreK-12 students the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to make a difference using science and engineering. Through hands-on workshops, students are challenged to investigate real-life problems finding solutions that matter.

All Programs will be virtual or include virtual options during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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🔍 What Do We Wonder?  PreK-12 grade, Single Class/Club

How do you go from student curiosity to completing a project and include state standards? A SARSEF educator will work with a class for 4 sessions to transform student curiosity into a polished research project, guiding the class through discussions and identification of their interests, assisting in selecting a single research question/problem from the collective class curiosities/wonderings, and designing a method for gathering data to answer the question.

🧬 Science Fair Basics Presentation: PreK- 8th FIRST TIME Schools/Educators

Where do you start when introducing students to science and/or engineering research projects at your school? A SARSEF educator will help students get started by identifying ideas for meaningful projects. 

🔬 High School Research Jump Start 

Not sure how to begin? Too many ideas? Too few? A SARSEF educator will engage a whole class in strategies for using observations and natural phenomena to generate ideas and questions. These wonderings can be morphed into research questions and student driven investigations leading to data collection and analysis. A SARSEF educator will support all phases of the process. 

🤖 STEM Competitions & Academic/Career Opportunities: Teachers/Parents/Students

Would you like to learn about opportunities to showcase high school student research? Would you like to know where research in science and engineering can take you after the high school competitions? Explore the opportunities available during high school and strategies for continuing in STEM beyond high school.

🎸 Roadmap to Rocking Projects: PreK-8th Parent/Student Workshops

Would you like to involve your parents in helping their child(ren) with science or engineering projects? Let SARSEF lead a workshop for your parents working alongside their children as they identify an issue their child cares about. Families will discover how to work together as a team to develop a science or engineering research project. Parents and their children will leave ready to investigate their own topic and will have a roadmap to a rockin’ project.  A lab notebook will be provided.  Projects completed together can be a great family experience once the processes and practices are explained.

🌺 Other

Discuss directly with SARSEF what program(s) your school stands in need of, and we may be able to adjust our programming to fit your specific needs. 


Want to learn more about how to bring FREE programs to your school?  Email Brooke Meyer, Director of Education and Innovation, for PreK-8th grade or Margaret Wilch, Director of Research, for high school programming – or submit a request below!

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