What Do You Wonder? A Community of Young Scientists


The recent SARSEF Fair made it clear: the young people of southern Arizona are thinking deeply about the wellbeing of their families and their communities, their pets, the natural environment and the future. Since the fair, a virus has changed how we interact and SARSEF is responding to that challenge!

We love problem-solving using science and engineering.  We value your curiosity and thinking. Together we can put you in the position of lead scientists for a month-long virtual research team.  We will discuss and identify your interests, select a single research question from your collective wonderings, design a method for gathering data to answer the question and together analyze and evaluate the results to get a snapshot of our southern Arizona community in April 2020. We are so EXCITED!

How will we do this? After signing up on our waitlist, you will be ask to share your wonderings and register on our What Do You Wonder Survey. We will create age-appropriate lab groups that will gather together for biweekly virtual lab meetings, just like professional researchers.  You do the wondering, we will unite curious minds to investigate! See you in the next round of virtual lab meetings! 

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Every Child. Thinking Critically. Solving Problems.