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In-School Outreach

SARSEF teaches PreK-12th grade students the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to make a difference using science and engineering. Through hands-on workshops, students are challenged to notice and wonder about the world around them, leading to an investigation of real-life problems and finding solutions that matter.

How do you go from student curiosity to completing a project, all while including state standards?

During our in-school outreach, a SARSEF educator works with a class for 4 sessions to transform student curiosity into a polished research project. Through these workshops, the class will discuss and identify their interests, select a single research question or problem from the class’s collective curiosities and wonderings, and design a method for gathering data to answer the question.

Our in-school outreach is offered at no cost to schools.

SARSEF Educators Tailor Programs to your Needs!

Beyond our 4-session workshops, SARSEF educators can tailor our programs to your school’s individual needs!

After a brief consultation, SARSEF educators will help build a plan that works for you. Offerings may include but are not limited to:

Science Fair Basics for first-time educators/schools

Introduce students to the excitement and wonder of science and engineering projects.

High School Research

Engage the entire class in strategies for using observations and natural phenomena to generate ideas and questions. These wonderings can lead to research questions and student-driven investigations, as well as data collection and analysis.

STEM Competitions and What Comes Next

Give teachers, parents, and/or students a window into the world of science and engineering competitions available to high school students. Then, find out how these competitions can help you prepare for STEM beyond high school.

Roadmap to a Rockin’ Project

See parents/caregivers and students working together to identify an issue they care about as they are guided through developing a science or engineering research project. Students leave ready to investigate their topic with a roadmap for their research journey and their very own lab notebook. Parents/caregivers take away a better understanding of their supporting role in the process of student research.

Teacher Professional Development

Offer your teachers confidence in teaching standard-based science and engineering processes and practices. Using phenomena-based learning, SARSEF outreach professionals guide teachers on how to engage their students in creating quality science and engineering research projects by identifying meaningful and relevant real-life challenges.

Please contact Amber Folkman, Manager of School Relationships and Impact, at with any questions schedule a consultation to get started.