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Published Friday February 2, 2024

Quantum Quest: A Free Quantum Computing Camp for High School Girls

SARSEF is excited to partner with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, Qubit By Qubit, and University of Arizona Office of Societal Impact on a free Quantum Computing Camp for high school girls June 10-14, 2024!

During Quantum Quest hosted by Qubit by Qubit, participants will explore the fascinating world of quantum computing with unplugged, hands-on activities and exercises on-site at Girl Scouts’ facilities. These topics will cover everything from the foundational concepts that make-up the quantum world–entanglement and qubits–to teaching girls how to code on real quantum computers. Girls will learn from outstanding researchers from the University of Arizona and hear from STEM role models across the Tucson area, including SARSEF staff who support student/STEM mentor relationships year-round.

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field, with potential impacts in nearly every industry: from finance to medical research to chemistry. However, the majority of students will not hear about this field until graduate school. This camp provides a fun and inviting entryway to one of the most revolutionary fields today.


Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona (GSSoAZ):

GSSoAZ prepares girls to empower themselves and promotes compassion, courage, confidence, character, leadership, entrepreneurship, and active citizenship through activities involving camping, community service, learning first aid, and earning badges by acquiring practical skills. Girl Scouts’ achievements are recognized with various special awards, including the Girl Scout Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards.

Qubit By Qubit:

Qubit By Qubit is the quantum initiative of The Coding School, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering the next generation through computer science education. Founded in 2014, TCS has become a global leader in emerging technology education, teaching over 50,000 students and educators in 125 countries with over 55% of students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. TCS’ flagship program, Qubit by Qubit offers a wide-range of first-of-its-kind programming; from classroom workshops to a full-year high school course, Qubit by Qubit has introduced over 20,000 students to quantum computing since 2020. Regarded as an international quantum education expert, Qubit by Qubit is partnered with a number of leading academic institutions, companies, and organizations, including Google Quantum AI, IBM Quantum, Microsoft, and the White House’s National Q-12 Education Partnership. To learn more about our organization and programs, visit:

University of Arizona Societal Impact (SI):

The goal of SI is to challenge the research enterprise to be more inclusive and to focus on impacts beyond benefits to departments or disciplines. We work to translate the curiosity and expertise of researchers into policies, practices, and programs to benefit society, measuring reach not only in articles published and conferences attended, but in lives touched and improved. Through every step of the research process, we help researchers center real people and their real lives.