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Racing the Sun is a rigorous and challenging program. The student teams must compete under a set of rules designed to promote competition fairness. All teams are provided with identical solar panels and may compete using one of three types of go-karts:

Standard Kart

The Standard Kart uses a pre-fabricated steel frame chassis. This kart is great for first-year teams, schools with less technical expertise, or those lacking specialized facilities and equipment. The standard kart chassis is not meant to be modified.

Modified (Legacy) Kart

The legacy kart is a standard kart provided previous to the 2021-2022 season and can be modified or unmodified from its original form.

Maker Kart

The Maker Kart is for experienced teams who want to build a kart from the ground up. They design and purchase their own materials. Teams building maker karts require specialized facilities, tools, and expertise. They must submit their designs for approval prior to fabrication ensuring compliance with all competition rules and safety protocols.