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Test Day

All participants conduct trial runs to qualify their karts for Race Day. The event includes safety and regulation checks, driver training and gear checks, and an opportunity to see the competition and test their go-karts in the same conditions they will experience on Race Day.

Team presentations

Participants use videoconferencing to present their work to a panel of industry judges. Students describe the challenges they have faced in designing their go-karts, defend their design decisions, and outline the lessons learned as they worked on their karts throughout the year. This event showcases the accomplishments of the students and highlights the learning outcomes in front of potential future employers.

Race Day

Racing the Sun culminates with a final competition at Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson. The event is open to the public. Families, educators, sponsors, and mentors are invited to cheer on the teams as they engage in friendly rivalry on a professional racetrack. Awards are given in a variety of categories including speed, endurance, innovation, and spirit. The coveted Grand Champion Award is given to the team that scores the most points over the entire course of the program.