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Published Saturday July 5, 2014

SARSEF 2015: Take the Community Challenge!

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, SARSEF be awarding additional prizes for projects that address a challenge faced by our community.
Choose a project that explores a solution and you could qualify!

Read the ideas below and then come up with your very own.

Animal Welfare:  Love animals? Choose a project that helps them live happier lives!

Environment: Love the outdoors? Help preserve it for the future of the species that share it with us. Find ways to use our natural resources more efficiently. Discover ways to fight pollution.

Health and Medicine: Explore nutrition, snacking and the effects of exercise. Work in a lab to advance research on diseases.

Elder Care: Worry about your grandparents? See what you can do to improve the quality of their lives. Value their knowledge?  Ask them about their traditional ways of handling problems and test them against modern ones.

Disabilities:  Concerned about someone who struggles with their disability? Invent a device that makes their life easier!

Poverty: What can YOU do to reduce the struggles that so many of our citizens struggle with due to poverty? Explore ways to make lives a little better in some way.

Education: Have ideas to make learning more fun, easier or less expensive? Test them out!

SARSEF wants YOU to be a part of the solution to the most pressing problems in our community this year.  You can help make the next 60 years of SARSEF AMAZING!