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Determine Team Size

Projects for the SARSEF Fair can be completed in one of three ways

Individual (1 student)

A student works on their own idea, and does their own research and project presentation.

Team (2-3 students)

Teams of two or three students decide on the same topic, and work together to research and present. (Each student needs to be involved in all phases – they should not divide and conquer.)

Group or class project (4+ students)

Four or more students, or an entire class, agree on one topic and work on it together. Each member of the group or class should be a part of the entire process, and keep their own lab book/journal with notes about the process and data.

Note: Group/class projects will be judged separately from individual and team projects at the SARSEF Regional Fair. Middle and High School Group/class projects will not be eligible for Broadcom MASTERS, the International Science and Engineering Fair, and some other prizes and scholarships.