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SARSEF Fair award winners have been announced!

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Submit a project presentation

After participating in their school fair, students may qualify to advance to the SARSEF Regional Fair.

Files to submit

Students should send their project presentation pdf, required SRC forms, journal pages, and research paper (if desired) to the person registering projects for the school (at the high school level, this may be the student themselves).


Students will need to provide a project description that will be entered as part of registration for the SARSEF Regional Fair. This should be a summary of their project consisting of 250 words or less.

Interviews at the SARSEF Fair

Throughout the week, projects will be evaluated by judging teams and award recipients will be determined. According to the judging schedule for the week, students will have the opportunity to be interviewed.

For grades PreK-8, interviews with judges are optional, but highly encouraged for grades 6-8 as it can be the most impactful and memorable part of the fair for students.

For grades 9 through 12, interviews are required. Please excuse them from class to participate in these interviews.

For the current fair, please see important dates for information on whether interviews will be in-person or virtual.

Interview tips

In preparation for interviews, students should:

  • Practice a very short summary (30-60 seconds) to tell people when they ask, “Tell me about your project.”
  • Develop a list of questions they think the judges will ask them and practice answering them.
  • Make good use of the project presentation. Refer directly to diagrams and graphs when discussing them.
  • Speak clearly and confidently when answering questions. If a student has no idea what the judge is asking, or does not know the answer to the question, it is okay to say “I do not know.”
  • Use simple terms when speaking about their project so anyone can understand it.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
  • Dress nicely for the science fair judging period.