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Selecting students for the SARSEF Regional Fair

Each school should hold its own science fair. Top projects from this fair will advance to the SARSEF Regional Fair. In many schools, judging is completed by school personnel, including teachers, specialists, and administrators. Judging teams are formed so that teachers are not evaluating their own students’ projects. Judges may also be experts from outside organizations, however, we recommend that they are paired up with school personnel, so teachers can provide context on appropriate expectations for achievement level.

Many schools use judging criteria similar to those used by SARSEF Regional Fair judges. These criteria can be modified to fit individual school needs. The following forms reflect criteria used at the SARSEF Regional Fair.

Judging criteria used at SARSEF Regional Fair

In most cases, the judging results are turned in to the School Fair Director for final placements. The Fair Director, Chief Judge, or other school official should then determine which projects will advance to the SARSEF Regional Fair.


For elementary and middle schools (grades K-12), there is a limit to how many projects a school can register for the SARSEF Regional Fair. Generally, the number of projects per school is between 10-20, depending on school size, grade level, and level of involvement.

For high schools and preschools there are no allocation limits. Schools are allowed to send as many projects as are considered of high quality by the school. We want as many as possible to have the opportunity to compete for scholarships and large prizes.

Allocation numbers are automatically adjusted annually based on previous years. Significant changes in school size or focus should be reported. When submitting a request for an allocation, you will include:

  • Your school name
  • Size of your ENTIRE school (number of students)
  • Grade levels that your school serves (not just grades participating in your school fair)
  • Level of participation
  • Any additional information regarding your school that may be helpful (gifted programs, magnet, STEM-focused, serving a specific demographic, etc.)

Decisions for allocations are based on the SARSEF Regional Fair capacity, as well as the growing number of schools requesting to come to the Fair.

We do everything possible to include as many projects from each school as possible, however, if you feel there are extenuating circumstances, you may appeal your allocation decision.