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Published Friday January 7, 2022

SARSEF stands against racial inequality

Equity is a core value our organization strives to achieve daily. However, equity in education, science and engineering will never be achieved without action and a broader recognition of the impact racial injustice has in our daily lives.

As SARSEF families and community members, we teach our kids to make observations, ask questions, collect data, and form their own conclusions. As images of protests and police violence flash across our screens, many of us grapple with how to talk to kids about what they’re seeing and what it means for our nation. This can feel like a difficult conversation to start.

But these conversations are crucial. Adults and children alike need to take the last step in scientific research – the hardest one – using what they learn to build a better future.

The data has been gathered, for decades, for centuries. The conclusion is clear – systemic racism exists and has fatal consequences. Now is the time for action. Black Lives Matter.

If you are a parent, caretaker or teacher looking for ways to talk to kids about racism, here is a resource that might help.