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School Outreach Has Begun!

Wednesday September 19, 2018

School Outreach Has Begun!

SARSEF Outreach is growing the best minds in Arizona! 66,000 Kindergarten through high school students across Arizona receive help from SARSEF each year … right in their very own school! 

FREE Outreach Programs provide:

Direct Instruction to Students:

  • Students learn critical thinking skills thru engineering design and science
  • Students investigate problems to find solutions for cancer treatments, water purification, biofuel and biodiversity, and more!

Professional Development for Teachers:

  • Where to find exciting resources for your next lesson
  • How to integrate changing math and science standards

Parent Science Night:

  • How to support YOUR child’s developing interest in STEM fields
  • What’s new in scientific learning since you went to school?

FREE! Thanks to SARSEF’s Corporate and Community Sponsors!

To sign up for a free presentation now, on our website: or – Contact: Brooke Meyer: