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Elementary Students (Grades Pre-K-5)

img_4300Welcome elementary school students!

If you are in Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grades 1-5, you are our future. We are counting on you!

We need you to be the ones who are curious and who think about how the world works.

When you grow up, you may become one of the important people who help solve problems that we do not even know exist yet!

You may help create medicines that help or cure sick people. You may discover a way to save energy, and make the world a safer place. You may create a product that makes people’s jobs easier.

So — right now, consider yourself a scientist!

Get ready to tackle your very important research project. Just follow the steps found on this website — and if you need help, just ask! Your teachers (or parents) will help, because they want you to succeed.

And WE want you to succeed. We look forward to seeing you (and your project) in March!

Every Child. Thinking Critically. Solving Problems.