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unknownWelcome, Home School Educators and Parents!

SARSEF welcomes the participation of home school students. The only difference is in the registration process.

Home school teachers and students will follow the same scientific processes, as well as all of the same requirements, timelines and rules. 

Important: We ask that home school teachers make sure that students are aware of the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) requirements and required permissions before starting.


Participation for home school students is easy!

First, make sure your students have read and followed all of the rules. There are no exceptions or exemptions.

If you belong to a Home School Group, please contact the Science Educator. They will be the one collecting all of your names. They will submit the names and we will set up a Home School site where you will be able to register the projects for your Home School online.

This will speed up the process and saves additional wait time on your part.

The Director will notify your contact person (usually the Science Educator) when all home schools have been added to the alphabetical list of schools.

You will then proceed to register your students as the Teacher or Fair Director, setting up your own password, etc.


If you do not belong to a Home School Group, then here are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Make sure you are registered as a “Home School”. This was probably done at the time that you decided to apply for permission/notified officials of your decision in the county that you live in. In some cases we will need to verify your status.

2.  Send an email to us, stating the following:

  • Your name (you will be acting in the roles of the Fair Director and Teacher as well as the parent if it is your child that you are registering.
  • What you call your Home School. Usually this will be your last name plus the words “Home School”. As an example: Jones Home School.
  • A picture or scanned copy of your affidavit of intent from the County Superintendent’s Office
  • Email and phone number where you can reached.

3. We will verify you and then place your home school on the list of schools. Once you see your name there (we will also let you know), you may proceed to register as the Teacher or Fair Director.

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