School Science Fair Guide


**SARSEF will be providing a virtual fair platform free of charge for those interested in running a virtual school fair. More information will be available soon. If you have nay questions, email***

Right now you are probably wanting to know what questions will be asked if a student is selected for SARSEF.  You can see a sample if you go to: Sample Registration for SARSEF

A school Fair Director’s job entails a lot of responsibility, and yet, when it is all over, the Fair Director knows that he or she played a part in setting a child on a course that might lead to a future career.

But how do you know what to do?

The good news is that MOST everything you will need has already been created. If you find yourself writing a form or lengthy letter, STOP!

Check to see if someone else has already done the work for you. Chances are, they have!, Usually all you have to do is tailor the letter, timelines or form to fit your needs.

The best Guidebook for a Fair Director can be found on the Science Buddies website at:

Once there you will find a variety of resources, already created for you!

They have developed the documents below to help you put on a successful science fair, from start to finish. The documents go hand in hand and offer many options that you can tailor to your school’s fair



Participating in SARSEF Fair

Make sure to follow the Important Dates closely!

Selecting Projects for SARSEF Fair

Depending on how you engage, your school may need to schedule a “mini science fair.” We recommend that you ask a teacher to organize this effort; however, some schools ask a key parent to do so.

The person you designate to lead the effort will be called your “Fair Director.” They will want to read the resources on this website that is designed to help and support Fair Directors.

They will organize and announce a time when all students who have completed a project will bring it to a centrally located place in your school for others to view. The school will then decide which projects will continue on to represent your school at SARSEF Fair.

Deciding which projects to send to SARSEF Fair can be a formal process consisting of a full “fair and judging process,” or an informal affair with a few key individuals who are knowledgeable about science, and dedicated to helping students achieve their maximum potential.

Celebrate Success!

Read your school’s name in the Arizona Daily Star. Every school that participates with SARSEF will be celebrated.

Please encourage your teachers and ALL students to attend the Future Innovators Night

Every Child. Thinking Critically. Solving Problems.