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Send a Message to the World from Space!

Thursday November 17, 2016

This holiday season, World View and Tucson Medical Center want to help children from all across Tucson send a message to the world from space – for all humanity to see. If you could say anything to the humans of planet Earth – messages of unity, kindness, wisdom, humor – what would you say? We’re asking that question to every child in Tucson.

And we’re asking them to mail us a physical letter addressed “Dear World,” which we’ll literally send to space on an upcoming World View flight. Once the letters return from space, we’ll mail them back to the kiddos for safe keeping (with an Astronaut Ron Garan autograph, of course.)

We hope to inspire kids to think and dream big, to reach for the stars, and to inspire us ‘big kids’ with their messages of positivity.

Participation is limited to Tucson residents (only because we can only carry so much mass to space!) And the steps to participate can be found in the brochure below (or at this link:…/TMC-World-View-message-to-humanity…)

All letters are due back to World View by Tuesday, November 29th! Please share this with our community so we can collect as many messages and inspire as many children as possible!