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Teachers- Scholarships are available for the STEMAZing Institute!

Tuesday June 7, 2016

Last Chance to Register – spaces still available! 
Go to!stemazing-institute-2016/hztfc to learn more!
Full or partial scholarships available for teachers paying their own registration from Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma. Please contact DaNel Hogan at for more information. The STEMAZing Institute could either be FREE or just $50!
Registration closes on Wednesday, June 8th at midnight!
Take your STEM lessons to another level!

This intensive, three-day summer professional development for STEM educators includes multiple strands focusing on Agriculture, Desert Ecology, Engineering and Water & Energy.

Each three-day strand is facilitated by master educators and includes a kit of equipment and supplies worth $100 so you can implement what you have learned when you return to the classroom.
STRAND 1: Blow, Tap, Strum: Engineering Instruments  

Delve into the science of sound with this rhythmic strand. Educators will be using the engineering design process to build wind, percussion, and string instruments using reused and inexpensive materials. After learning to make several different types of instruments, educators will then use the engineering design process to design their own instrument. Learn to integrate music, language arts, history, and art in with STEM topics. With a focus on using 21st Century Skills throughout the three days, this workshop will give you the tools to engage students in many hands-on activities to develop their own skills.


STRAND 2: Dynamics of the Sonoran Desert Ecosystem 
Join us for three active days in the desert at Pima Prickly Park (and inside out of the heat) hands-on lessons and activities ready to use this school year.  Learn from an outstanding array of experts in science and education that will launch and boost and prepare you to be your best in the classroom.  Several of the sessions are grade level specific and others are cross grade level and you will have the time to adapt them for your grade level and curricula while experts are there to support you.


STRAND 3: Geometry from Three Different Angles 
An interactive study of the Geometry Domain of the AZCCR Standards for Grades K-6. Participants will address the standards in three formats:
  • Through literature experiences – the integration of books and activities for students to use in the classroom. There will be hands on experiences as well as taking away activities and books.
  • Constructing understanding — In this hands-on experience, participants will explore elementary and middle school geometric concepts through construction of representations. The end goal is to facilitate students’ conceptual understanding of concepts and formulas.
  • Productive struggle experiences — Is it a good idea for educators to let their students struggle and expend great effort to solve challenging math problems? Do effort and persistence build critical thinking skills? Participants will explore the idea of “Productive Struggle” as they work (struggle?) through open-ended geometric problems and learn strategies to support academic learning and increase content mastery.
STRAND 4: School Gardens 101 REGISTRATION FULL! You can join the waitlist but we recommend taking advantage of another strand.
Whether you have not yet established a school garden or you are a veteran green thumb, you will take away new and exciting ideas about how to better use your space and engage your students. This strand will focus on developing and fully utilizing school gardens as learning spaces, the rules about using produce in the classroom and for food service, and much more.

STRAND 5: Water Energy World*
What is energy? What watershed do we rely on? Where do we get our energy and water in Arizona? How are water and energy connected? Learn this and more in this engaging, data-driven workshop. From the water system to the science of energy and an engineering design challenge modeling the Central Arizona Project, bring the relevant topics of energy and water alive in the classroom with student led projects.
* Registration for Water Energy World is $75 per Educator. Thank you to our generous sponsors.