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Published Wednesday March 27, 2024

This Arizona Gives Day, Life Finds a Way

by Julie Euber, CEO, SARSEF

For many, movies are a gateway into the creativity and wonder of science. They teach us the value of exploring and understanding the world around us, but also what can happen when we don’t consider the ethics of how we use it.

The cinematic science that had the most influence on me as a kid was Jurassic Park. Initially, I turned my nose up at the movie which focused more on the people than the dinosaurs I was eager to know. I would later recognize that science is done by real people, and their stories can be just as fascinating. But at the time, I distinctly remember the excited impatience I felt listening in class, knowing that my favorite book was in the basket under my chair. Diving deep into the chapters was just a bell ring away.

Later in life, when rewatching the original film, I was grateful for Jurassic Park’s amazing female scientists. From Lex Murphy, a young girl whose coding skills saved the day, to Ellie Sattler, a woman not interested in sexist directives during survival situations – the women of the original Jurassic Park were true science heroes.

At SARSEF, I see volunteers, teachers and staff being the role models that Lex and Ellie were on screen. They provide encouragement, mentorship, and moments of celebration to students throughout their research journeys. I’m grateful to everyone who shows students that people like them are truly scientists and engineers, and that they have what it takes to pursue a STEM career path if they choose it. I know many students who credit their success in research to an amazing mentor or role model, and there are many ways to volunteer through SARSEF and win best supporting actor in a student’s heart.

This Arizona Gives Day, I invite you to take in the cinematic wonder of science with us.

Are there boring, repetitive, frustrating aspects of the research process? Absolutely. But there are also moments that would shine on the big screen. There’s the moment an idea first sparks. There’s the triumph when something finally works after days of tinkering and failure. There’s the moment when judging begins, and a student eagerly waits to share their work. There’s the hush over the crowd when awards ceremonies begin.

Get your ticket, pick out your snacks, and grab a seat. Arizona Gives Day is about to begin!

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Consider the impact that you can make as with new or increased contributions: 

  • A $10 donation has a $15 impact 
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SARSEF is a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO), meaning the money you might pay in state taxes can be put into supporting students in our community!  

The maximum QCO credit donation amount for 2023 is $421 single, married filing separate or head of household; $841 married filing jointly. This means you can also make a meaningful investment as a new donor or through increased investments from existing contributors that can also be qualified for The Connie Hillman Family Foundation match while utilizing the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. A win-win! 

  • If you contribute $421 as donor filing individually, the impact is $631.50  
  • If you contribute $841 married filing jointly, the impact is $1,261.50 

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