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Volunteer or Judge at the Virtual 2021 SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair

Thursday January 21, 2021

SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair, March 1 – 6, 2021

What if someday you could say you were partially responsible for a medical breakthrough that cures a dreaded disease? What if you read about a future Nobel Laureate, and can remember back when he or she was eight years old and studying bugs in the backyard?

As a volunteer or judge at SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair, you may experience this!

All opportunities are virtual, meaning you can make a difference from the comfort of your own home or workplace.


There are many ways that you can volunteer at the SARSEF Fair between February 22 and March 6. You do not have to be a scientist to help at the science fair!

Assignments are scheduled in shifts, and we are grateful that many of our volunteers sign up for multiple days, and/or multiple shifts within a day!

Click here to view volunteer shifts and to learn about the different roles our volunteers will play in the virtual fair.


When you judge at SARSEF, you give students the opportunity to be proud of their science. Your involvement means they know that there are people out there who really care about their work.

Judging will take place between March 1 – 4 depending on your category or grade level of interest.

With judging taking place throughout the week, we encourage you to consider judging for more than one grade level or category. Also new this year – elementary school students will have the option of being interviewed by judges!

Qualifications range from being a professional in your field if you plan to judge at the high school level to having a high school degree and an interest in the field if you plan to judge elementary school projects.

Click here to learn more and sign up to be a judge.

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to SARSEF via email or by phone:, (520) 273-8259.