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Published Thursday February 8, 2024

From a Board Member: Volunteer for this Year’s SARSEF Fair and Witness Arizona’s Critical Thinkers in Action!

By Casey Carrillo, Board Secretary, SARSEF; Director of Strategic Partnerships, University of Arizona Center for Innovation

My name is Casey Carrillo and I serve on SARSEF’s Board of Directors. I have been involved as a board member for two years. My sister is a fourth-grade teacher, and the passion that she has for education is contagious. I wanted to get involved with an organization that truly supports educators and students in Southern Arizona.

Being involved with SARSEF has allowed me to share my passion to help support Arizona’s critical thinkers. Last year, I had the opportunity to serve as a judge for SARSEF’s science fair and I learned about renewable energy and sustainability projects that high schoolers from all over Southern Arizona completed. It was inspiring to learn about the different projects – they were truly out of this world. Being able to see how passionate students are about renewable energy and sustainability is inspiring for me because it correlates directly with my day job.

I am the Director of Strategic Partnerships with the University of Arizona Center for Innovation, and we work with science and tech startups. I specifically work with renewable energy companies, and to see the pipeline of students in this space was exciting. I encourage you to volunteer for this year’s science fair and witness Arizona’s critical thinkers in action! Sign up today.