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Published Tuesday February 13, 2024

From a Board Member: Explore the Wonders of SARSEF – Become a Judge or Volunteer!

By Maricela Rivera, Board Member, SARSEF; Distribution Engineer II, Trico Electric Cooperative

Hello, I’m Maricela Rivera, a recent addition to the SARSEF Board. Although my title may be new, my connection to SARSEF runs deep. Back in elementary school, I was an eager participant in the SARSEF fair, participating in numerous class and individual projects.

I remember my last individual SARSEF project was in 5th grade. I evaluated the permeability of a birthday balloon using various substances: air, water, helium, and vegetable oil.  Participating in the fair encouraged my passion for science.  I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona and work as an Engineer at Trico Electric Cooperative.

Fast forward to today, and I’m not merely reminiscing about those early days; I’m actively contributing to SARSEF. Last year, I had the pleasure of judging elementary and high school projects. Witnessing the creativity and enthusiasm of young minds brought back memories of my own journey. Those moments reignited my passion, inspiring me to do more. I found myself volunteering for a board position.

My journey has come full circle, and it’s a thrill to be part of an organization that played a role in shaping my love for science. Reflecting on my experiences, I encourage each one of you to explore the wonders of SARSEF.  Sign up to be a judge or volunteer at the fair. Discover the joy of science for yourself! Your active participation could be the spark that ignites a passion in the next generation of young scientists.