Be an Exhibitor at Future Innovators Night

Exhibitors, Make a Difference at Future Innovators Night!

Future Innovators Night is a FREE special science-themed open house held in conjunction with the SARSEF Fair where over 4000 members of the public come to experience hands-on STEM! ALL Families in Southern Arizona are invited, do bring your family and friends as well!

We hope you will join us by becoming an Exhibitor at this event!

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Future Innovators Night


We need you to help us grow the next generation of innovators in STEM! As an exhibitor, you can give students an intriguing glimpse into the wide world of STEM professions and opportunities. Students, teachers, and parents alike will return to their homes and classrooms inspired to learn more about the wonders of math and science. When you interact with our future STEM leaders, you are truly making a difference and an investment in our community.

Future Innovators Night will have live entertainment, raffle prizes, and hands-on demonstrations in every field of science and engineering.
Watch physics in action! Create potions! Take part in a treasure hunt! Handle live animals!Attention, adults: If your organization supports children in the areas of technology and innovation, we invite you to take part in this fun event. We are particularly interested in people who can present an interactive educational outreach activity for kids.

Every Child. Thinking Critically. Solving Problems.