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Published Tuesday June 9, 2020

Wonder Program Session Two – The Results!

Thank you to all Citizen Scientists who contributed data!

SARSEF continued with a 2nd Session of the What Do You Wonder: A Community of Young Scientists virtual program in response to our southern Arizona students’ curiosity about the world around them. Working alongside our young scientists (PreK-12th grade), they created research questions and determined data collection methods to answer their current questions.

Data was collected between May 8th and April 20th, 2020
for each of the research questions below.

Thank you to all of our Citizen Scientists who were a valuable part of the journey
by helping them to collect data!

Check out the results and student presentations of the research below

Bird Watchers – PreK- 2nd Grade (ages 3-6)

How does the time of day affect the kinds and number of birds that I see?

Bird Watchers Final data


Smart Birds – PreK-2nd Grade (ages 5-8)

How does the temperature influence the activities of birds that I see?

Smart Birds Final Data


Nature Watchers – 3-5 Grade (ages 8-11)

How does the weather and temperature affect the plants and animals in my neighborhood?

The Nature Watchers Final Data


Student Projects:

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly

Nature Watchers Biodiversity by Noemi

Nature Watchers Lab Group Quadrat Project

Summary of Quadrat Data


Student Videos:




The Wildlife Trackers – 6-8 Grade (ages 11-14)

How does habitat (urban vs rural/desert vs suburban) affect the flight response distance of animals?

Wildlife trackers Final data


Student Projects:

Wildlife Trackers! 6th-8th Grade Young Scientists

Ben’s SARSEF Project

Ethan’s Wildlife Game

Sophie’s SARSEF Science Fun Quiz


Student Videos:



Thank you for supporting young scientists!