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Grand awards judges

Judge for SARSEF and decide who will be the First, Second, and Third Place Winners!

If you want to help us select the best projects in a specific category, please sign up to be a “grand award” judge. You will use our criteria to select projects in your favorite grade level (Grades PreK-12) which is modeled after criteria used at the international science fair.

Judges at the high school level should be professionals in their fields (at least three to five years experience preferred) and/or be in the process of obtaining or hold advanced (master’s or doctoral) degrees. Middle school judges should hold a bachelor’s degree, and have some experience in their field, or teach in the selected area. Elementary school judges must have a high school education, with some experience with the age level selected, and/or interest in the field selected.

Sponsored awards judges

If you or your company is awarding a specific prize in the SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair, you have the opportunity to serve as a “sponsored award” judge. You will evaluate projects and then select the project that you wish to award the prize related to your company or organization’s focus.

Please contact Julie Euber at for more information about how to become a judge at our next science and engineering competition.