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Participating in the SARSEF Regional Fair

Participating in the SARSEF Regional Science and Engineering Fair is an exciting way to challenge and inspire students to get involved in science and engineering practices. The following pages will walk you through the process of how to involve students and schools in one of the largest regional fairs in the world.

Getting started

Who can participate

School and student involvement can range from becoming a full-scale science research school where everyone completes projects to partial school participation to independent entries.

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Free educational outreach

SARSEF Education Specialists will come to your school to teach your students how to solve a real-world problem using science and engineering practices and get them excited about doing a research project.

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Types of projects

Projects can be done by individual students, in small teams, or as a class/group. Students will determine their topic category and whether their project is science or engineering.

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Before the SARSEF Regional Fair

Holding a school fair

If the number of projects completed at your school is greater than your allotment for projects that can advance to the SARSEF Regional Fair, you will need to hold a school science fair.

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Selecting projects for the SARSEF Fair

Each school should hold its own science fair and choose top projects to advance to the SARSEF Regional Fair, based on the school's allocation.

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Registering projects for the SARSEF Fair

In January, registration for the SARSEF Regional Fair opens. School Fair Directors can register winning projects and upload files.

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SARSEF Regional Fair Week

Project Floor Goes Live

To kick off the SARSEF Regional Fair and the opening of the virtual project floor, we will have a large Opening Celebration to congratulate all those who have participated in science and engineering projects this year.

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Project judging

Throughout the week, projects will be evaluated by judging teams and award recipients will be determined. According to the judging schedule for the week, students will have the opportunity to be interviewed over Zoom.

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Community STEM Expo and Awards

On Friday morning of the Fair, a list of award recipients is posted on the Fair Website. Students and families attend the Awards Ceremonies on Saturday of Fair Week to discover what award(s) they've received.

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Other competitions

SARSEF winners may qualify for other competitions, and often, projects for SARSEF may be used in additional competitions.

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SARSEF-endorsed schools

Each year, SARSEF educators award two K-12 educational institutions that exemplify using STEM curriculum in their classrooms to teach problem-solving and critical thinking the title of SARSEF-endorsed school.

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